Alliance Raiding on Saurfang

Greetings, raider.

This place is for helping you to either find the right raiding guild for yourself, or for you to advertise to find players for your team. We use Discord for day-to-day needs, and the team-finder in the top menu for long term advertisement/recruitment purposes. You can find a link to the Discord to the right of this post.

If you’re looking for a raid team or guild, please visit the links in the top right of this page and select the type of content that you’re looking for. While you’re here, you can also brush up on your raid knowledge by checking out the strategies and guides in the ‘Guides’ page.

If you want to advertise your raid team here, please send a Discord message to me, at Sky_Paladin#7635. I’ll need your server (Saurfang/Nagrand/Caelestraz), the type of content your team is playing (normal/heroic/mythic/battlegrounds/other), when you’re raiding in Sydney time, and somebody for interested players to contact, and/or a website. If you have multiple teams make sure to indicate what their content/names/times are clearly.

An example for my own guild is shown below. You can copy paste the following and amend it as you see fit:

Server: Saurfang
Raid Content: Mythic and heroic
Raid Hours: Team Murloc (Mythic) Wed/Thu 20:00 to 23:00 Sydney Time, Team Kobold (Heroic) Sunday 20:00 to 23:00.
Nominated Contacts: (Bnet) Malachiel#1815, Syldagrim#1755, Light#9395(Discord) Sky_Paladin#7635