About and FAQ

While we’re encouraged to be in competition for WoW Progress or other targets, behind the computer screen we are all people with real lives, and our time is valuable.

My vision is to provide a network for guild and raid leaders to communicate with each other. If you’ve ever been without a tank for a raid night, or had to call a raid because you only had 19 for your Mythic raid, or if you couldn’t get into a spot because you didn’t already have an achievement, then you know what I’m talking about.

Nothing frustates me more than seeing a team failing to achieve what I know they can achieve. Sometimes all they need is the right raid strategy, and if I already have that strategy, why shouldn’t I share it with them? What if they are short a player, and I have a raider sitting on the bench. Shouldn’t I at least give the player the option of running with the other team rather than have them sit idle?

Similarly, if my own team is stuck, I’d like to believe the other teams on the server would give us a helping hand. That environment doesn’t really exist yet, and I don’t think it’s ever truly existed in Warcraft before.

That’s why I think it’s going to work.

Q – My guild isn’t listed in correct page, or details are wrong or missing!

A – This is a one man show and I’m copying everything manually – mistakes are bound to happen. Please contact me through discord (Sky_Paladin#7635) and I’ll make the correction.

If a guild goes a whole tier without killing a raid boss, I’ll assume it’s dead and remove it from the page.

Q – Why don’t you show raid progression kills?

A – These are likely to update regularly and I don’t have time to update this. That is what your own guild website is for – send me that, and I’ll link it!

Q – How do I get my guild to appear higher than others in the chart?

A – The initial seeding was based on WoW Progress rankings at the end of Battle for Azeroth. Guilds with clearly specified raid times, contacts and/or websites will be listed before those that don’t. The placement will be re-ordered based on WoW Progress at the end of every raid tier. Inspiration, as my own guild, will always appear first.

Q – Why do you list Nagrand and Caelestrasz if this is supposed to be a Saurfang raiding community?

A – In October 2020, the Nagrand and Caelestrasz realms were merged to Saurfang. You can identify these players due to the -Nagrand or -Caelestrasz affix with their name. These players can join guilds, trade items, or run any content with Saurfang raiders. That means these players are part of the Saurfang community, and we’re all better for it. Note that this is different from other servers such as Frostmourne, that is merely connected, not merged – we can’t cross realm raid mythic with Frostmourne, trade items, etc, which is why we don’t list them here.

Q – Why no horde guilds?

A – Since we can’t cross-faction raid, there’s no point (and it would be counterproductive) to include horde teams on this page. If that changes at a later date I will include them here.

Q – Can you recommend addons/raid strategies/etc?

A – See the Guides section at the top of the page. These are updated as I prepare them for my own guild; if you have something better by all means do submit them. If one of us can solve a problem that the whole community is struggling with, we shall all become stronger for it.

Q – Why did you do this community in the first place?

A – Battle for Azeroth has been a difficult expansion for Saurfang. As the raid tiers ground on, guilds were struggling to retain members and found replacing them was nearly impossible. New players flocked to the bustling realms of Frostmourne and Barthilas, and as raid teams exploded, many of these players also transferred away. This meant the remaining quality player pool of geared and experienced players continued to dwindle. I first started working on this mid-2019 after my raid team had to disband due to roster issues. It’s initial setup was simply an agreement between Inspiration, Phalanx (where a portion of my original team had merged to), and Cryptic (a third team that raided at similar times). Between the three of us we were able to push a few more weeks of Mythic content. This arrangement continued until the start of the next raid tier, when each team resumed their regular raiding arrangement.

I found that working with the other guild leaders was troublesome due to the ever present threat of poaching. Everybody was mistrustful and it was difficult to insert tanks/healers into teams that already had the tanks/healers, plus all the other administration overhead issues such as different guild loot rules, different strategies, etc.

I realised that in order for this to work properly, it couldn’t be the ad-hoc ‘make it work on the night’ process that we guild leaders had employed during Battle For Azeroth. A forward thinking, strategic plan that set a common ground for different guilds to subscribe to would be necessary.

This plan is not set in stone and will no doubt change and evolve as I learn a better way of doing things.

Q – Why is this website so slow?

A – Not a real issue at the moment; but if this site takes off it might become a problem in the future. It’s a 1GB RAM machine on a 25GB hard drive and I’m paying for it from my pocket. If we get enough traffic that it becomes an issue, I’ll up the RAM and maybe add a donation button. The site will still be here as long as it’s useful and I can afford to keep it going.